Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz needle report: 224 found in public spaces

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - According to a new report, 224 used hypodermic needles were found in public spaces around Santa Cruz County during the past month.

The Take Back Santa Cruz Needles Solutions Team reported 84 needles were found by the public and 140 by city workers over a 30-day period ending August 8, 2016.

The report lists several incidents where a person was stuck by a needle. A Junior Lifeguards instructor stepped on a needle near lifeguard tower 2 at Main Beach. The group says it was the second needle stick injury at a Jr. Guards event this year. Previously, a 15-year-old with Twin Lakes Jr. Guards was stuck.

Another man stepped on a needle at 26th Avenue Beach, but the needle was capped and he was uninjured. A woman reported finding a needle in her backyard. Another needle was found on the walkway to the Boardwalk.

The report lists six hotspots for needle finds: The  San Lorenzo River/Levee,   San Lorenzo Park, Neary Lagoon, Harvey West Park, Depot Park and the 500-600 block of Ocean Street.


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