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Santa Cruz Regional 911 Center rolls out new app

911 app helps protect residents

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - For almost a decade, the Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 Center has been notifying the community through automated telephone calls when breaking news occurs.

Emergency dispatchers have been able to send hundreds of recorded messages to both home and cell phones, alerting citizens to everything from requests that they stay in their home during police manhunts, recommendations that they evacuate immediately during wildfires, and to be-on-the-lookout for missing children.

Typically, those messages have been delivered based on an address associated with a phone number.

A new mobile app will ensure you get those important alerts even when you aren't at home.

CodeRed goes beyond just allowing citizens to register their cell numbers for alerts -- the app allows CodeRed to notify you of an emergency based on your current location.

"It's an important enhancement of our ability to notify citizens of emergencies, no matter where they are," said Dennis Kidd, general manager of SCR911, which serves Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. "Up until now, alert messages have been solely based on an address registered to the phone. Now, we can get the message out to people who live in the area, plus all those who are passing through or visiting the area."

The CodeRed mobile app is available at any app store free of charge. To register for the alerts, click here.

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