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Sgt. Butch Baker Family Speaks on Death One Year Later

Son Will Go Back to Force

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Santa Cruz Police Detective Butch Baker's son, Adam, says he wants to go back to the police force on the one year anniversary of his father's death.

Time may not heal every wound, but with a lot of support from the Santa Cruz community, Adam, Kelly and Jillian Baker are starting to laugh again. 

"It's a big milestone, we've gotten through a year," said Jillian Baker.

The wounds are still fresh from the day when from the day when detective Sgt. Butch Baker and his partner detective Elizabeth Butler were ambushed by Jeremy Goulet on what was supposed to be a routine check up. Those nightmares are still real, "I found out the news over the radio that was extremely hard for me," said Adam Baker.

Adam was a community service officer and was on duty the day his father was killed.

For the first time in an interview with Central Coast News Adam wanted people to know, he will be joining the police force again.

"I'm happy to say I am going back to work and that is my plan." 

For Butch Baker these officers weren't co-workers, they were family and it's where he raised his family.  So for people who may have opinions about Adam doing police work in a place where his father was murdered,  "It was in Butch and I know it's in Adam too," said Kelly Baker, Butch's wife. 

It's the officers and community support that is the reason Kelly Baker said she shows up to events; to make sure they know she is okay.

"The hardest part is losing my soulmate, my love, but in conjunction with that it's been amazing...I lost Butch but it brought so many people into my life and we're just doing what we can with what we've been given."

Now, using each day for a good, hearty belly laugh, telling Central Coast News stories about the police sergeant with a notoriously devious streak and about his passion for his work.

Seems like it would be just the way Butch would have wanted things to turn out.

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