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UCSC lecturers hold demonstration for better benefits

UCSC lecturers hold demonstration for better benefits

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - University of California, Santa Cruz lecturers and students were singing to their own tunes in Quarry Plaza. Each song with altered lyrics, calling for change.

Lecturers said for the first time in 15 years, their contract is open for bargaining. Some of the issues include benefits like social security, reducing the time required to achieve continuing status, and improving office space and equipment.

"We're not professors, we're not paid like professors and our work load is significantly higher," said lecturer Roxi Power.

Power has been working for the UC system for more than 10 years and she said she knows what it's like to worry about her job stability.

"Our job status is much more precarious, and certain UC's lecturers are churned before they reach continuity status," said Power.

Power said often lecturers are called "freeway flyers," because they have to teach at several different institutions to survive.

Dozens of UC students and lecturers marched around campus calling for better job security.

UC officials said that as far as they know, the march didn't disrupt classes. One grad student said the UC system could benefit from a little disruption.

"What we've seen at this university is essentially rising tuition over the last 15 years or so- decrease in quality of services for students, decrease in quality of education, increased class sizes," said Robert Cavooris.

"But I would really like to work across statuses and across bounderies with administrators facing the problem together if possible," said Power.

Lecturers will know if their contracts have been successfully negotiated by the end of June.

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