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UPDATE: Santa Cruz city council extends Cowell Beach curfew

City council considers extending Cowells Beach curfew

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Updated 7/23/14: The city council voted to extend the curfew for another year. 

The Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday will consider extending the overnight curfew at Cowell Beach.

Currently, people are not allowed to access the beach between the hours of midnight and one hour before sunrise. Since the curfew was implemented last year, city officials say there were only 78 calls for criminal activity at the beach. That's compared to a whopping 637 calls in 2012, when there was no curfew.

The city council will meet Tuesday afternoon.

To read a June 9th report from Santa Cruz Police Officer Ken Deeg comparing service calls to Cowell Beach before and after the curfew was adopted, click here.

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