Santa Cruz County

Woman brings baby, loaded gun into Santa Cruz County Courthouse, deputies said

Deputies find pistol in woman's diaper bag

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A loaded gun nearly makes it into a Santa Cruz County Courthouse when a woman allegedly tried sneaking it in her child's diaper bag Thursday.

The woman, Brisa Santillan, 19, was reportedly carrying her six-month-old child at the time to visit the child's father who deputies say is a witness in an ongoing homicide trial.

Deputies said the connection between the incident involving Santillan and the trial is unclear.

Santillan faces charges of bringing a loaded firearm into a courthouse and child endangerment, deputies said.

"The human error element is probably the point of failure in this process and clearly our staff went above and beyond and kept on task," said Chief Deputy Jeremy Verinsky referring to the tough job deputies have pinpointing suspicious items through the X-ray machine.

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