SC County grower envisions a different kind of cannabis experience


SANTA CRUZ, Calif - With a view made for a postcard, local cannabis activist and grower Christopher Carr has quite the vision for a 90-acre property in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

“I imagine picnic tables, the greenhouse, they (guests) can tour the facilities, see how the plants are growing and learn about the process of cultivating the plant,” said Carr, who most recently worked with Kind Peoples Collective in Santa Cruz before embarking out on his own to focus on Grateful Gardens and his radio show called “The Cannabis Connection.”    

The farm is a partnership between Carr and a local family. It’s a experience based model, still very much in the planning process, where people could come to the property, try some cannabis, take in the scenery and do it all while learning. 

“So rather than farm and commodify and sell, sell, sell, we want to bring people in and open their eyes to the process and possibilities that can be California craft cannabis,” said Carr.     

Much like a vineyard, Carr imagines that they could also deliver products, but in a cash business security and safety are both concerns. 

“Don’t advertise that your vehicle is full of cannabis or cash, the other thing would be similar to other delivery platforms where there is no physical handling of cash.”  

It may all be a vision, likely still a few years away, but Carr hopes if more people through the industry become legit that could help balance another obstacle - taxes. 

“Hopefully by leading by example we can get more people involved and organized so we can advocate for what is truly going to work for our operations and our communities.” 

Carr is awaiting the passage of a final version a revised cannabis ordinance in Santa Cruz County. He expects after that he will get a local license. It could happen as early as February.

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