Scotts Valley City Council pulls resolution endorsing the Greenway proposal

Scotts Valley pulling endorsement of a Santa Cruz County rail corridor proposal

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Scotts Valley is not on proposed Greenway or "Rail and Trail" paths. However, it is still in Santa Cruz County where taxpayer dollars will go towards what to do with the 32 miles of now dormant railway from Davenport to Pajaro. 

Vice Mayor Jack Dilles says he is a bit surprised at the attention this has received in the community. 

"It is clear that people care deeply about driving and about cycling. They are both big things in our lives."

The City Council voted 3-2 in December, in favor of supporting the Greenway Project - a path along the route for pedestrians and bikers. The group was able to make their pitch to the council first. Something that FORT found unfair. 

"When we found out about that, we spoke with the Mayor and Council. And they invited FORT to make a presentation," Barry Scott, FORT Treasurer said. 

That led to a reversal on February 7th. The Council voted 3-2 to remove the original resolution. 

Dilles was the swing vote. He told KION on Monday that he is still leaning towards supporting Greenway, but after hearing from FORT, he decided it is best to wait until able the results of the United Corridor Study later this year. "And we can look at those instead of listening to one side or the other."

Gail McNulty of the Greenway Vision says she still believes they have the support. "The Council members who originally supported Greenway, all three continued with their support saying it made the most economic sense for Scotts Valley, and economic and environmental sense for the county."

The only thing the two sides seemed to agree on - this decision is important for the people of Scotts Valley. 

"Measure D tax money that is going to pay for these projects, is something that the people of Scotts Valley are contributing to," McNulty said. Scott tells KION, "the "rail and the trail" serve far more people. We like to say, its for the many. Not the few."

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