Scotts Valley yard sale raises over $1,000 for North Bay fire victims

Central Coast residents hold garage...

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - A yard sale was held in Scotts Valley on Sunday to raise money for the North Bay fire victims.

Scotts Valley neighbors Rosie Janssen and Heather Robertson organized the yard sale, not knowing what to expect. " i kept telling myself even if we raise $10 that's something," says Janssen.

They say the response from the community has been overwhelming. "We just started making event flyers and passing them around, letting people know and there was a huge amount of support from the community and from people that wanted to help and do something," says Robertson.

Both women had different reasons for wanting to put the yard sale together. Heather says she went to Sonoma State and lived there with her husband for five years, "we just kind of have a close community and it's really an area that is close to our heart."

Robertson says she met a family who lost their home in the fire and knew she had to help in whatever way she could, "they were trying to gather some essentials because they lost their home in the fire and it touched my heart, I really wanted to do something."

The yard sale ended up raising $1,740 total. The women are donating all of the money to the Redwood Credit Union which gives money directly to the families impacted.

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