Sea Otter Awareness Week kicks off

MOSS LANDING, Calif. - One furry little animal native to the central coast is so important to our local ecosystem, it gets it own week!

Whether they're lounging around with a snack, wrestling with each other, or taking care of their adorable young, Sea Otters are one of the most precious animals we have here on the Central Coast.

So to celebrate, the water mammals get a whole week dedicated to them through Sea Otter Awareness Week, which technically began today. The week was established 15 years ago to make sure locals and visitors know the importance of our local sea otters to the environment.
They make sure the population of urchins, mussels, clams, and similar sea creatures never gets dangerously high, while also promoting a healthy kelp forest where thousands of sea organisms live. And as any person who has seen them in action can tell you, they're just a lot of fun to watch, and tourists love them!

"We've been on a whale tour today and we saw Orcas, we saw humpback whales, and we saw Sea Otters. Our day is complete. One of the highlights of our holiday. Yep!" said Holland Residents Patrick and Daniella Vletter.

"When we planned this trip down here, I said we've got to go to Moss Landing. I did my little research online and found the best 5 places in Monterey County to see Sea Otters and Moss Landing was number one. That's what so adorable about them, people travel to see them. And if you have an opportunity to see an otter, you otter do it!" said Santa Rosa Residents Stan and Bee Greenburg.

The awareness week is always held during the last week of September, and
involves people and institutions trying to recognize the vital role that sea otters play in coastline ecosystems. Keeping the furry little animals safe and prosperous is what it's all about, so officials say make sure you are responsible when and if you get near them.

To find out more about Sea Otter Awareness Week, head to

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