Seaside improving safety for bike riders and pedestrians

SEASIDE, Calif. - Fast cars and no bike lanes can be scary for bicyclists in Seaside. Now the city is working to change that, with a $13 million streetscape project on Del Monte Boulevard and Broadway Street.
"It's very frightening, the roads around here," said business owner Mark Roth.

Roth is an avid bike rider and owns a bike shop on Del Monte Boulevard. He said there have been many accidents right in front of his store.

"The speed limit on Del Monte is 35 miles per hour. The typical speed people are driving is around 42 to 47, and a ton of people texting," said Roth.

Due to all the traffic bicyclists often choose the sidewalks over the streets. Hoping to change that, the city wants to widen the sidewalks, and make the area more pedestrian friendly, and add bike lanes.

"Crosswalks are definitely a necessity," said Anthony Baldino.

Baldino works in Seaside, and he said wider sidewalks could mean more pedestrians and that means more business.

"When people try and use the crosswalk here, cars will come to a slamming stop and people behind them won't be able to see," said Baldino.

To move forward with the project the city of Seaside is waiting to receive a $4 million grant from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County. To pay for the entire project, they are in the process of applying for more.


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