Seaside man convicted of attacks, where victims' money was used to buy drugs

MONTEREY, Calif. - 48-year-old Kelvin Donell Williams, pleaded guilty to second degree robbery of two separate victims and felony assault of a third.

According to court documents on May 28th at about 12:30 a.m., Monterey police officers responded to a call from a male and female who were at the West Garage parking facility in downtown Monterey.

The male indicated he was walking with his girlfriend, when he heard someone walking behind him. When he turned around, he was punched in the face and knocked to the ground by a male, later identified as Williams.

The male then saw Williams wrestling with his girlfriend over her purse. After putting her in a chokehold, he was able take her purse from her. The male indicated he got up from the ground and attempted to chase the suspect but the suspect said, “I have a gun, I’m going to shoot you”. The female described to the officer several items that were in her stolen purse. A witness from a nearby restaurant provided a partial license plate to police officers and members of the Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team (PRVNT).

On that same day at about 4:55 a.m., Seaside police officers were dispatched to Walgreens in reference to an armed robbery. The clerk told an officer that she was working the cosmetics section when a customer, later identified as Williams, indicated he wanted 2 packs of cigarettes. As the clerk began to ring up his purchase he produced what appeared to be a shotgun from his coat, pointed it at her and told her to give him the money. She complied.

On May 31st, using the information from the partial license plate and the description given by the witnesses, PRVNT conducted a parole search on Williams’ home. A vehicle matching the reported license plate was parked in the driveway. In the home, officers found a pump action paintball gun, cigarettes with the same serial number as those stolen from Walgreens, clothing that matched a witness description and the video surveillance tape, and a phone and passport belonging to the victim in the Monterey robbery. Williams’ accomplice told police they used the money obtained from the victims to purchase crack after each robbery.

On December 19, 2017, Judge Robert A. Burlison will sentence Williams to 19 years in state prison, pursuant to the California Three Strikes Law due to a prior conviction in 2011 for second degree robbery.

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