Semi truck full of marijuana found in South Monterey County

Semi truck full of marijuana found in South Monterey County

A semi-truck full of marijuana was discovered in South Monterey County this week.

According to the Monterey County Sheriff's Office, on Monday, patrol deputies in South Monterey County were following a semi truck in the Jolon-Bradley area, when they saw marijuana sticking out of the back. Deputies discovered 1,200 pounds of pot. After searching the truck a gun was also found in the cab.

Two people were cited and released. The case has been turned over to the Monterey County District Attorney's Office.

This bust comes just days after another bust in South Monterey County.

On September 22, nearly 1,800 plants weighing more than 7,500 pounds were seized and destroyed in Lockwood. Four people were busted in that incident.

"We got a lot of feedback that weed is legal," said Cmdr. John Thornburg. "To a certain degree, that's true. There are rules, there are regulations that govern it nowadays and those people were not inside of those regulations, which is why the enforcement took place."

In both cases, most of the marijuana was destroyed. Samples of the marijuana are being kept to be used in prosecution. 

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