Semper Fresh Farms is coming soon

In the past couple months Semper Fresh Farms has evolved. KION first brought you the story of the farm, fully run by veterans,  back in May.  Now owners show progress for the farm with a goal of providing a job foundation in the ag industry for returning 9/11 veterans.

 "We've actually had Head Start Nursery out of Gilroy they've actually donated over 6,000  organic transplants for us," says co-owner John Wagner.

 Semper Fresh Farms has received tractor donations and a donated drip irrigation system has been set in place all in preparation for a community planting party next week.

 Semper Fresh Farms plans to be doing tours of the farm and a meet and greet.

 The hope is that these crops will eventually be seen in local restaurants and farmers markets.

 "Hopefully next year we'll be able to have an actual job fair and make this a reoccurring thing for the Salinas valley," said Wagner.

 Semper Fresh Farms  will hold a planting festival on June 28 at 12 p.m.  at  384 Corral De Tierra Road. Food, wine, live entertainment, as well as an auction will be taking place. 

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