Sheriff's Office investigating threat after Soquel High School incident

SOQUEL, Calif. - The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said Monday night they received a report a 16-year-old Soquel High School student was overheard making comments suggesting he may harm students and staff.

The Office tells us they began an immediate investigation into the nature of the comments and worked with Soquel High Administration to ensure the safety of everyone at the school.

Through the investigation, they learned the student claimed the comments were "made within a conversation about school shootings and hypothetically how to conduct a school shooting." The Office says these comments (which the student claimed were not to be taken seriously nor any intent on his part to commit this type of horrendous act) are extremely serious.

The Office determined through cooperation with the student’s parents, that the student does not have access to weapons. The student did not attend school that day and a school administrative investigation is in process.

An email was sent by school administration this afternoon to parents.

There are currently no pending criminal charges, however a Soquel High School Resource Officer will continue working on campus with school administration as they move forward.

The Office encourages students, faculty and parents to come forward if they believe someone poses a potential threat, or out of concern for others.

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