SPD Neighborhood Watch presentation set for Thursday night

SALINAS, Calif. - Since the Neighborhood Watch Program  nationally launched in 1972, data has shown decreased crime in neighborhoods with an active watch program, so it might be something you want to consider in your own neighborhood.  And if so, you're in luck. Thursday night the police department will be holding a presentation.

The Neighborhood Watch Program in Salinas was non-existent for more than two years because of staffing and budget constraints, however SPD brought it back in 2016. Far too often we hear about no one stepping up to speak to the police when a crime happens, which is why neighborhood watch groups are more important than ever.

"We want people to sign up and we want people to know each other and we want people to know the Sergeant that commands their area. We want people to feel comfortable and start building a relationship," said Neighborhood Service Coordinator, Ana Ambriz. 

The presentation tonight is part of the "Build Strong Neighborhood Series" which features different topics and city speakers each month. 

*If you or your neighbors are interested in learning more about the Neighborhood Watch Program you can attend the presentation Thursday from 6:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Academy. There will be refreshments. 

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