Special meeting address delay of new Salinas High School

SALINAS, Calif. - A Salinas high school's future is still up in the air as the Salinas Union High School District is talking about taking legal action against the contractor after a year-long delay of construction.

Rancho San Juan High School in North Salinas was supposed to be finished in Spring of next year but the project manager tells me completion is more than a year away still. Though no decision was made Wednesday, the school board said building the school is a main priority.

The project was supposed to be finished in spring of 2018 but the contractor says it will be a much longer wait.

"We're basing it on our best guess for when we can get materials in and right now it's pushing us closer to December," said project manager Aaron Dilbeck with Dilbeck and Sons.

That's December of 2018. Dilbeck says weather is the cause of the delay.

"We're definitely not trying to slow this project down," Dilbeck said, "We want to get it done as fast as possible. It's just there's things that are beyond our control which is weather and of course the manufacturing."

The Salinas Union High School District held a closed door meeting to talk about possible legal action against Dilbeck and Sons. The board didn't give much of a report afterwards.

"The board took no action in closed session," said board president Evamarie Martinez, "The board gave direction to staff, the superintendent proposed a plan in which he will implement and the board supports the superintendent."

The superintendent only had this to say about the plan.

"We have a plan moving forward to talk to the architect and contractors and the labor council on how to get the project on track," said superintendent Dan Burns.

The superintendent says they'll hold a news conference Thursday at 1 p.m. where we expect to hear more about the direction the district is going.

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