Squirrel Caught Red Handed

Squirrel Caught Red Handed

A U.S. squirrel has made the news after stealing holiday treats.

New Jersey resident Michele Boudreaux, who puts out a tray of treats for delivery drivers in the festive season, captured the squirrel's antics on camera.

Bourdreaux became suspicious after she found all of the chocolates were gone after a few hours.

A camera was set up on Tuesday (December 5) to find out the 'thief'. Unexpectedly, an obese squirrel ran into the shot. For the following two days, the same squirrel kept stealing Ghirardelli chocolates, candies, popcorn, and even lip balm, the videos showed.

Boudreaux kindly prepared a bowl of special treats for the squirrel. Instead, the squirrel showed more interest in gum, Boudreaux said in the video.

"We now have our chocolate in a jar that requires opposable thumbs", Boudreaux told Reuters.

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