St. Patrick's Day draws extra police patrols

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - St. Patrick's Day festivities were a part of many Central Coast residents' Friday.

The owner of Cooper's Pub in Monterey said there are three times during the year he is most busy: New Year's Eve, the big motorcycle race at Laguna Seca and St. Patrick's Day.

Cooper's Pub was the scene of green Friday evening, with balloons, hats and plenty of green-colored beverages making for an Irish atmosphere.

Beneath all the festivities, however, was a layer of caution.

"We make sure our bartenders and servers are aware how much people have had to drink and that they're not over-served," said John Eales, owner of Cooper's Pub. "Unfortunately, sometimes we do have to cut them off and we try and do it in the nicest way possible."

Eales said it rarely happens at his restaurants, but it is something he has to keep in mind. For police, it is something they were prepared for as well.

"We do see a small uptick in alcohol-related offenses. Occasionally, we have a few more fights than we normally would," said Aaron Delgado, a sergeant with the Monterey Police Department.

There were two extra units out patrolling downtown and checking bars in Monterey, all to make sure everything stayed calm and under control.

Police say the best rule of thumb to keeping things fun and safe during holidays is moderation. It is also good to have a safe ride home planned too. 

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