Study reveals fresh groundwater in Marina and Fort Ord area

groundwater study finds new fresh...

MARINA, Calif. - A study conducted by the Marina Coast Water district (MCWD) with Stanford University confirmed that there is freshwater in Marina and Ord service areas.

The water was found in the Dunes, the 180 shallow aquifers and the 400 ft. aquifer. The study provided new insight into how the Dunes, the shallow aquifers and the 400 ft. aquifer are interconnected.

"This research confirms what we suspected about the quality of water in the basin, which must be carefully managed to prevent saltwater intrusion into the Districts' service area," said General Manager of MCWD Keith Van Der Maaten. "Now that we have this information, we can more accurately understand and model the basin  in and around the District's service area, and evaluate proposed water projects for our future."

The District is a state-designated Groundwater Sustainable Agency, and is reportedly engaged in multiple efforts to preserve and protect groundwater supplies for current and future customers, which lead to the District's partnering with Stanford University and Dr. Rosemary Knight.

Researchers used geophysics to learn more about the hydrogeology in the groundwater basin in and around the District's service area. Researchers used airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey equipment to attach other equipment to a helicopter and send electrical impulses 1,000 feet into the ground, which allowed researchers to create a 3D model of the basin.

"This is basic information that [MCWD] need to build models to help them better understand how to effectively manage their groundwater resources," said Knight. "They also have a particular interest at this moment in time in understanding the potential impact of a proposed desalination operation on their groundwater resources."

The preliminary results of the study will be presented at a board meeting Wednesday evening. The meeting is open to the community and will be held at the Marina Council Chambers located at 211 Hillcrest Ave. and will start at 6:30 p.m.

KION's Zach Fuentes has the story at 6 p.m. 


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