Surveillance Cameras Will Go Up In Seaside

Police department gets approval from city leaders

SEASIDE, Calif. - Seaside city leaders are giving the police department the green light to start installing a high-tech video surveillance system in high crime areas. 

In a late meeting on Thursday night, city council members unanimously voted for the program.  This decision comes after someone anonymously sent the city a $100,000 check specifically for the program.  A large portion of the equipment was created and donated by the Naval Postgraduate School.

Seaside Police Chief Vicki Myers said these cameras are sharp enough to get license plates and see people inside cars.  Myers said the program is similar to the one used in Boston, which helped solve last years bombing.  Myers said it's perfectly legal because all cameras will be placed in public places.

"As we are installing the cameras, if we are inadvertently capturing images that are of people or property that are not generally open to the public, then we will adjust the cameras," said Seaside Police Chief Vicki Myers.

Myers said the department has four cameras and some essential equipment which could be installed within the next month or so.  The cameras don't have to be monitored constantly and installing them won't require any additional officers.

City council members also discussed creating a committee of community members to advise the police department on installation and monitoring of the program over the next two years.

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