The CHP warns drivers as rains approach

APTOS, Calif. - With rain on the way, the Santa Cruz CHP says extra patrols are out on the roads. They say they expect an uptick in rain related crashes and are warning drivers as we head into the weekend.

Many of the tips CHP gave, seem like common sense but they're still things many drivers just don't think about and they could end up saving your life.

When rain hits the Central Coast so do bad driving conditions.

"I don't think it's the fact that they can't drive but I think it's the fact that they don't adjust their driving behavior for the weather that's happening," said Trista Drake with the Santa Cruz County CHP.

So what should you be doing when driving in the rain? First the CHP says watch your speed.
Even if the rain isn't too harsh, the roads can still be dangerous.

"That rain is going to soak into the ground it's going to bring all of those oils that are in the asphalt up to the surface," Drake said, "So it may not appear to be actively raining but the road's going to be slippery for quite some time."

There are also some rules you need to follow that aren't just recommendations.

"If your wipers are on, the law states that your headlights have to be on," Drake said, "If it's raining hard enough for you to need your wipers to see you want to be more visible to those cars that are on the road."

With more rain likley in the coming weeks, it's a good idea to make sure your car is ready too.

"The seasons are changing get your cars checked," Drake said, "Check your tires make sure that your tread depth is suitable, if your car has tires that are bald or balding obviously that's going to be dangerous when it gets slippery out there and also check your wipers."

One final reminder, if you feel your car losing traction resist the urge to brake and let go of the gas. Braking can actually make you lose control quicker.

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