Tis the season for Tamales

Christmas tamale making

SALINAS, Calif. - It’s nearly Christmas and for many people that means ‘tis the season for tamales.

Making tamales and eating them is a tradition in Mexican-American families.

We wanted to know where people went for their favorite tamales here on the Central Coast.

We asked the question on Facebook and we got some really great answers.

But most of them went something like this: My mom makes them, my grandma’s house, my aunt’s house or my in-laws.

Basically, most people responded that their favorite tamales were homemade. The video you’re watching is some homemade tamale action going on. At the stove is the mother of one of our KION colleagues.

We also asked people what they love about tamales.

"It brings back memories of my grandma. I would watch, she put me up on a stool and I would help her do the tamales when I was a little girl."

If you don’t have anyone to make tamales for you, you can buy them.

Here’s just some of the places people gave shout-outs to on our Facebook page:

Leal’s Bakery in Salinas. The Tamale Factory in Watsonville. Santa Fe Foods in Castroville and El Rosal Bakery in Santa Cruz.

One guy wrote ”grocery store parking lots. You don’t find tamales. They find you.”

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