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Bail for Santa Cruz brain surgeon set at $6.45 million

James Kohut faces 11 counts of child sex abuse

$6.45 million bail set for Santa Cruz...

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - UPDATE 7.27/2017 9:39 a.m. James Kohut, the Santa Cruz brain surgeon accused of sexually assaulting children with two nurses has a preliminary hearing set for September 6, at 8:15 a.m.

Steven Moore, Santa Cruz County Deputy Attorney said "as we brought up in our bail motions. We were concerned about his safety. And we continue to have that same concern and I know that sheriff hart has the exact same concern over at the jail."

Confidant nurse Rashel Brandon was also present with her attorney. A third woman charged in this case, nurse Emily Stephens is still in Pima Arizona fighting her extradition. She has a hearing there in early August.



Bail has been set for Santa Cruz neurosurgeon James Kohut to $6.45 million Wednesday morning. He's accused of sexually assaulting children with two nurses. 

If he posts bail, Kohut would be on house arrest, must wear a GPS monitor, no access to internet,  no contact with minors, can't practice medicine and he must surrender his passport.

During Wednesday's court hearing, the Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Office requested bail to be set at $40 million. Outside the Santa Cruz County Superior Court protesters held up signs calling for Kohut to stay in jail without bail.

On June 19, the Santa Cruz Deputy District Attorney argued against bail for Kohut, calling him a compulsive man with money to flee. A new victim from Louisiana also came forward which led the Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Office to amend the charges from 10 counts to 11 felony charges. According to court documents, the victim's mother started an online relationship with Kohut. In 2004 he flew them to Santa Cruz for five days. One night Kohut molested the victim while her mother was passed out.

If convicted on all counts, Kohut could face 165 years to life. Kohut has pleaded not guilty to all charges. His medical license to practice in California has already been suspended.

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