Transients start illegal fire at red tagged home in Soledad

SOLEDAD, Calif. - A couple of transients started an illegal fire inside an abandoned home in Soledad Wednesday morning. 

Cal Fire officials responded to the fire on Nestles Road, behind Foods Co around 7:43 a.m. When firefighters arrived they found a small home fully engulfed in flames. 

The home had been "red tagged" as uninhabitable, but there were signs that it had been lived in, according to Cal Fire. 

Nobody was inside the home when firefighters arrived. Crews were able to contain the fire around 8 a.m. No injuries were reported. 

Fire investigators determined the cause of the fire to be an illegal warming fire within the home. 

The Soledad City Fire Department and Cal Fire want to remind property owners to secure their unused or vacant structures against trespassers who seek shelter from the cold weather. Cal Fire said trespassers making fires in vacant buildings and not putting them out is a common cause of structure fires. 


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