Tribal Dancers Thank Mother Nature For Rain

San Juan Intertribal Council will sing, chant until drought ends

Tribal Dancers Sing for Rain

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, Calif. - The rain dancers were out in San Juan Bautista on Sunday along with the rain.

But instead of praying for more rain, the San Juan Intertribal Council thanked mother nature.

"We're in a dire situation here," said Sonne Reyna, chief of the San Juan Intertribal Council.

At mother nature's dance party, it's OK to rain on their parade.

Usually the council said people dance counterclockwise to call the rain, representing a low-pressure system, and clockwise for high-pressure system.

"We did both as a thank you," Reyna said.

The tribe said they will continue singing and chanting until the drought ends. Members hope to bring 15 inches of rain in the next two months, a tall order in 2014 coming off California's driest year on record.

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