Trucks Are Rolling In the Green For Going Green

Trucks Are Rolling In the Green For Going Green

HOLLISTER, Calif.-- Four percent of all vehicle in the United States are made up of big rigs and semi-trucks, but that small percentage contributes to 20 percent of the fuel exhaust in our environment. However some transportation carriers say they are turning green, because it gives them a competitive edge.

This 65 foot monster is rolling on out for another delivery, and Brent Redmond transportation company is always busy, because he has a competitive edge.

"If my cost is lower than the cost of transportation to our customer is lower. We want to be one of the few not just anther one of the many, so if I tell them I have a smaller carbon footprint they can say they use green carriers."

Brent has been running this business for 26 years and theirs a reason Safeway and Chiquita Fresh have made him carrier of the year

"We were able to lower our fuel consumption by 12 percent and 12 percent of something that's 30 percent of youre entire overhead is very large and your carbon foot print goes down," said Redmond.

He says 30 percent of his costs go towards fuel so being green is an investment.

"Well because trucks cost so much more where are you going to replace that cost well you better do it in efficiencies," said Redmond.

They make little adjustments to make their trucks as fuel efficient as possible like equal pressures on their tires so rolling resistance is less; therefore, using less fuel, and the skirts on the trucks aren't for looks, but it claims to save about 4 percent at freeway speends.

These adjustments to the truck aren't cheap

"The return on your investment doesn't come immediately you have to spend a lot of money there no immediate benefit," said Redmond.

But by the look of awards on his wall in the office there's no doubt it's paying off.

Cassandra Arsenault

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