Unruly Southwest Passenger Threatens Passengers

Unruly Southwest Passenger Threatens...

The video is shocking --- A woman on a Southwest flight from Portland to Sacramento -- out of control yelling death threats to fellow passengers.

It all started when the woman got up from her seat and went into the airplane bathroom. As it turns out according to airline officials she attempted to smoke in the bathroom and even altered the smoke detector.

Flight attendants forced their way in and escorted the woman back to her seat - and according to witnesses, that's when she began talking irrationally - complaining of anxiety - and demanding the plane land at a different destination.

She then pushed a flight attendant according to witnesses and had to be physically restrained for the remaining 30 minutes until landing at Sac International. There she was met by police and arrested on the spot.

The Sacramento sheriff’s department says Curbelo lives in Sandy, Oregon.  She’s currently booked on three counts of felony criminal threats and her bail has been set at $75,000. 


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