Waitress Runs Off with Winning Lotto Ticket

Waitress Runs Off with Winning Lotto...

CBS News - A waitress in Arkansas claims her co-worker and close friend ran off with her half of their $300,000 winnings from a scratch-off ticket.

Leslie Underwood says the tickets were a Christmas gift from their boss to her and her co-worker Mandy Vanhouten. Underwood says their boss told them that whatever they won would be split between them as their Christmas bonus.

Underwood and Vanhouten split their pile of tickets and one turned out to be the top jackpot. Vanhouten scratched the $300,000 ticket. Underwood said she and Vanhouten even discussed what they would do with the winnings, but her expectations were crushed after seeing her coworker had cashed in the whole ticket on Wednesday.

Underwood says she plans to take legal action if necessary.

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