Watsonville man arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty towards dog

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter has arrested a Watsonville man on suspicion of felony animal cruelty.

44-year-old Dustin Davis' neighbor filmed Davis reportedly "abusing and tormenting" a dog on Monday and turned the video over to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter on Tuesday.

After obtaining a search warrant for the property located on the 100 block of Paseo Drive, authorities learned that Davis is the former partner of the individual residing at the residence, who was out of town when the documented abuse occurred.

"Without the assistance of the alert citizen videotaping this egregious event, this subject would not have been caught," said Todd Stosvy, Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Field Services Manager. "We hope this story encourages citizens to use their cell phones to capture cases of animal cruelty and neglect so that we can ensure justice is served."

The dog was brought to the Santa Cruz County Animal shelter for treatment. Davis has been arrested, charged for felony animal cruelty and booked into County Jail.


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