Watsonville Police arrest gang member & teen with loaded gun

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - During a traffic stop in Watsonville a teenager jumped out of a car and ran from police with a loaded gun. 

According to Watsonville Police, on December 1, around 11:20 a.m. two officers pulled over a car on E. Lake and Holohan Road. As the car came to a stop, a 14-year-old boy flung the rear door open and ran holding his waistband. One of the officers chased the teen while the other stayed with the three people inside the car. 

The 14-year-old ran three blocks before tripping and tossing a loaded revolver which he had hidden in his waistband. The chasing officer caught up to the juvenile and arrested him. 

The three people in the car were detained and identified as a second 14-year-old and two adults. 

One of the adults was 24-year-old Albert Mendoza. Mendoza was arrested for violating his gang probation terms. 

(Albert Mendoza Pictured Below)

The juvenile faces charges for possession of a concealed loaded firearm. 

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