Watsonville Protests DACA Decision

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - Rallies were held across the Central Coast in protest of President Trump's decision to rescind DACA.

Dozens showed up to protest on Watsonville's Main Street. 

All showing their support for DACA and the Dreamers the President's decision affects.

"It feels good, you don't feel afraid anymore, it makes a big difference," protestor Fabian Garcia said of the crowd.

Garcia is a Dreamer himself, his parents came to the country when he was a teen. He says DACA opened doors for him to become a business owner.

"I employ three or four people and I think I'm helping," Garcia said, "I don't think I'm stealing or taking anything from anyone."

Watsonville Mayor Oscar Rios says Fabian isn't the only Dreamer that's made an impact on the local economy.

"They are workers they are students, they are doing careers they're in education," Rios said.

Watsonville wasn't the only city that saw protests, dozens were also on the streets of Salinas.

Though congress has six months to find an alternative plan, immigration attorney Blanca Zarazua says Dreamers do have options, but need to act quick.     

"If you're DACA document expires between now and March 5th of 2018 you have only until October 5th of this year to submit your renewal request," Zarazua said.

Beyond that, Dreamers like Garcia are hoping congress can work towards a more permanent solution.

"Not just for some years," Garcia said, "We want something good that is going to make an actual difference."

As for the city of Watsonville, Mayor Rios says they are a sanctuary city and will continue to support its local Dreamers.

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