Watsonville teens arrested after vandalism incident

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - Two Watsonville teenagers are behind bars after vandalizing a vacant building.

According to the Watsonville Police Department, it happened just after 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning when someone called to report suspicious activity near 610 Tuttle Avenue.

The caller claimed to see two teenagers get out of a car, put beanies on and run across the street. They proceeded to jump over a temporary fence surrounding the vacant building at 760 E. Lake Avenue.

The suspects returned to their car a few minutes later, just as police arrived on scene. They were holding spray paint and latex gloves. Officers were able to find fresh tagging on the vacant building, which read "SORT" and "MESR HOLA."

The 14 and 17-year-old Watsonville residents were arrested for vandalism and for being in possession of aerosol containers of paint.

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