World's top bull riders compete in Salinas

PBR sells out for a third straight year

40 professional bull riders to...

SALINAS, Calif. - It's a crowd favorite and it sold out for a third year in a row as fans flocked to the Salinas Sports Complex to watch professional bull riders compete.

40 of the best bull riders in the world tested their skills at the PBR Velocity Tour event Wednesday night.

Brandon Davis is currently ranked 54th in the world and he traveled hundreds of miles to be at the Salinas PBR.

“This is history for us you know, this is a past sport and where all the legends have been so it is pretty cool to be here and take part in it,” said Professional Bull Rider Brandon Davis.
Davis said he’s never scared about hopping on a 2,000 pound animal.

“Nervous I would say, but not scared. I mean it is a scary sport. You can die, you can get hurt and it comes with it, but as far as being nervous you kind of have to handle that emotion and put it in the back of your head. I don't get scared. I am Excited to win.”

According to the California Rodeo Salinas, Australian rider Lachlan Richardson was crowned the new Salinas PBR champion with a combined score of 176.

If you didn’t get to see the PBR event, there is plenty more bull riding at the 107th California Rodeo Salinas on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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