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What it takes to be Miss Salinas Rodeo

What it takes to be Miss Salinas Rodeo

SALINAS, Calif. - The personality and appearance portion of the Miss California Rodeo Salinas contest started Wednesday night. Five talented women are competing for the crown this year.

The women will answer questions on stage in front of an audience. They don't know what the questions are and they will have a short amount of time to answer. Another part of the contest is to do personal interviews with them.

The ladies must also take a written exam. The winner of this competition will be an ambassador for not only the sport of rodeo and the Salinas Rodeo but also the city of Salinas.

We caught up with Miss California rodeo Salinas 2014 Jynel Gularte to ask her about her experience as queen and the opportunity to be a role model for her home town.

"I hope I have been the best representative not only for my association but for our community I am a local in Salinas and it was fun being that role model because I knew a lot of the kids that would come up to me personally, they would be my 4h friends, they would be my neighbors kids and things like that made it full circle for me," Gularte said.

The next queen will also be a role model for not only for kids but for all of the fans. She will be traveling to rodeos, parades and events throughout the state promoting the California Rodeo Salinas as Jynel did.

Congratulations to Taylor Howell on being crowned Miss California Rodeo Salinas 2015 Thursday night.

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