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Storm door stays open after first drencher

SALINAS, Calif. - The storm door continued to stay open Tuesday. Thunderstorms moved through the area Tuesday night causing the heaviest downpours in places like Highway 101 into Prunedale around 10:00 p.m.

Showers continued on and off Tuesday evening and snow was expected to fall in the Santa Lucia Range. Another 1/4 inch was forecast Tuesday. Over the last 24 hours,  monitoring stations recorded a 1/4 inch to half inch and one inch in the mountains.

Showers continued around the Central Coast Tuesday afternoon.

People were told to expect strong gusty winds, dangerous lightning and heavy rain and hail and possible local flooding with this strong band of weather.

Temperatures will drop, and the snow level is also expected to drop to 2,500 feet. Snow could fall at lower elevations due to the cold air dropping out of the thundershowers.

Showers will taper off later tonight, but some thundershowers are still possible until Wednesday morning. 

After a break on Thursday, a weak storm system arrives Friday which could bring some light showers to the area.  Into the weekend, high pressure rebuilds and temperatures will head back into the 70s with some 80s possible in the interior areas.

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