Nancy Tinajero

Nancy Tinajero

Nancy Tinajero is a MexicanAmerican journalist who became passionate about news at a young age. 

She is themiddle child of three and was born in Southern California  in the city ofMontebello and raised in the city of Pomona . 

Aftergraduating from Pomona High School Nancy wenton to California State University Northridge and pursued her Bachelors degreein Broadcast Journalism and a collateral in Chicano Studies. 

During heryears in college she became involved in multiple internships from online  radioto online television stations. 

She wasalso a part of her University news and radio stations, both aired from oncampus studios. 

Shestarted her career in 2016 as a Multi Media Journalist for a local Spanishlanguage television station on the Central Coast. 

In Aprilof 2018, Nancy joined the Telemundo 23 team as a Multi Media Journalist whereshe has been given the opportunity to be a reporter, producer andfill in anchor. 

Nancy hasa passion for keeping the community informed and updated with the latest news.

Nancyhopes to inspire youth to pursue a higher education,  follow their dreamsand never give up. 

One ofNancy’s favorite things to do is spend time with her family and friends andabsolutely enjoys being an aunt of two.