Burger King offering 1 cent Whoppers… at McDonald's?

Burger King offering 1 cent Whoppers- At McDonalds

SALINAS, Calif. - Burger King is taking its latest marketing campaign straight to its biggest competitor, literally.

The fast food giant announced Wednesday that it offering 1 cent Whoppers to anyone who is standing near a McDonald’s restaurant.

Burger King is calling the campaign the Whopper Detour.

Here’s out it works: You have to download the Burger King app, then get within 600 feet of any McDonald’s. That will unlock the promotion which will allow you order a whopper for 1 cent.

You can then visit any Burger King to pick up your sandwich.

Burger King says the app uses the GPS technology “geofencing” to determine if you are within range of a McDonalds.

A nifty ad posted to YouTube show people going through a McDonald’s drive-thru and ordering Whoppers, to the confusion of McDonald’s staff. However, on Twitter, Burger King assured the public they do not need to go through a drive-thru to get the promotion.

“If you happen to be going to McDonald’s today, drive safe,” Burger King wrote on its Twitter page.

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