California Highway Patrol investigating freeway shooting

California Highway Patrol investigating freeway shooting

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is investigating a shooting that occurred along northbound US-101 south of San Miguel Canyon Road Saturday. 

CHP responded to the incident at 7:04 a.m. this morning. Two vehicles were shot at while driving along northbound 101. 

A white Volvo Wagon and a silver BMW both sustained bullet holes. Both vehicles were occupied by one person. Neither driver was injured.

The driver of the white Volvo pulled over just south of San Miguel Canyon Road to wait for CHP responders. Both vehicles are being processed. 

Traffic along northbound US-101 was halted for 25 minutes while authorities collected evidence, and has since re-opened. 

Authorities do not believe the incident is linked to the vehicles that have been hit by projectiles in the area over the course of the last several months. However, it still has drivers fearful.

“I think it's really scary because a lot of us have kids in the car, and the first thing I think of is somebody hitting a kid,” Prunedale resident Lisa Rhodes said.

“It's a little scary knowing someone is out there hitting random vehicles,” Salinas resident Gabriel Cortes said.

Cortes and his family were one of the victims of a projectile smashing into their car a few weeks ago. According to Cortes, the CHP said they are not sure what the object was but Cortes has an idea.

“When we got home we checked and it seemed like it could be a small caliber round. It didn’t seem to me like it was some kind of BB or rock," Cortes said.

Since the family was stuck they're a little nervous to drive on Highway 101 near Prunedale.

“We’re scared to go anywhere now," Tiera Cortes said. "A lot of people I'm noticing they don’t even want to drive in that direction, they’ll try to take a rural area.”

No one was ever arrested for the string of projectiles hitting cars. There is currently no information regarding a suspect in Saturday's case.

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