Candy Cane Lane carries on despite rainy weather

Candy Cane Lane carries on despite rain

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - It was a a wet Christmas Eve across the Central Coast on Monday, but that did not stop people in Pacific Grove from keeping up the tradition of visiting Candy Cane Lane. 

"Oh my God, the weather I think like 30 minutes ago was like heavy rain like a storm, was windy, heavy rain. We thought we not be able to go to Candy (Cane) Lane," said Elizabeth, a Seaside resident. 

"We brought our umbrella, a Mary Poppins umbrella," said a member of the Copeland family, who came out to see the lights during a period of calm weather. 

Candy Cane Lane is a tradition in one Pacific Grove neighborhood where houses put on fantastic and colorful decorations every Christmas. And it is a tradition that draws plenty from all over. 

"Rain or shine, we'll come out here. We've been out here with our umbrellas in the past. The lights are always on," said one visitor. 

Candy Cane Lane will go on until at least the end of the year. 

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