Castroville residents push petition against speeding

Castroville residents push petition against speeding

CASTROVILLE, Calif. - People in Castroville are concerned about speeding drivers blowing through their neighborhoods and town. 

Now, some are pushing to get speed bumps installed throughout town in hopes of curbing the issue. At this point, this involves an online petition on 

"Cars that come through usually speed whether it's a truck or just a regular sedan, they find themselves wanting to get to stop sign as quick as possible," said Natalie Espino, a Castroville resident. 

Merritt Street, near the intersections of Highways 156 and 183, seems to be a hot spot. And some people say because Castroville does not have its own police department, drivers think they can get away with it. 

"I have nephews and they play outdoors, so if they are outside, I'm considered about that," said Espino. "Concerned about whether they get hit or whether it's safe for them to actually play outside." 

"To me, the speeding, yeah, it's a problem on the back streets, not really down the main streets," said Justen Cofer, another Castroville resident. 

The petition on says it is aimed at the entire community, but Monterey County would have the final say since Castroville does not have its own city government. 

Not everyone supports speed bumps. 

"To me, if they're going to spend the money, spend it on helping figure the congestion work hours and you got all the trailers that go through, and then that's what causes the people to go through the back roads and start speeding to try to get out of town," said Cofer. 

"I think it's a good idea. I went to CSUMB and there's a lot of speed bumps there and it definitely helps with the speeding, so I think it's a good idea," said Espino.

As of Thursday, Mar. 14, there are only 19 signatures on the petition, and that's after being up online for about a month. 

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