Central Coast elementary school students competing in National Invention Competition

National Invention Competition

Happy Valley Inventors

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Ten elementary school students from Santa Cruz County have been selected to compete in a National Invention Competition.

The students presented their inventions at a statewide competition in San Jose. There were 150 total competitors of which 15 were chosen to go to the national competition in Michigan.

10 of the 15 students who won were from Santa Cruz County.

KION spoke with four of them who go to Happy Valley Elementary School. The students say they were all surprised when they were chosen. 

Ryder Maritn and Sadie Richardson invented a bin that keeps everyday cooking oil liquefied to eventually turn it into bio fuel.

Oliver Willet created a computer case that allows people to use their computer while they walk and wear it like a back pack.

Also Sophia Kowalski made a trash can decelerator by attaching bike breaks to a trash can to help when rolling it down steep hills.

Each student says they want to turn their love for science and creation into a job someday.

The competition is in Michigan on Friday June 1st. The students will be competing against hundreds of other students from across the country.


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