Central Coast schools taking extra precautions during heat advisory

Central Coast schools taking extra precautions during heat advisory

SALINAS, Calif. - While the main focus in Fremont Elementary School's second grade class is learning new things, on Friday, the rising temperatures outside were hard to ignore.

"We don't want to go out in the sun. All the kids want is icecream," said Salinas mother, Stephanie Riquaez.

For kids at Fremont Elementary, the hot weather called for plenty of water, fans placed around the room, and closed blinds. The school does not have air conditioning, so when hot days come administrators make sure they're prepared. "We want our students and staff to be safe. That's our number one priority. It's pretty hard to have a place for students to come and learn when they're not feeling safe or when they're sick," said Christina Palmer with Alisal Union School District.

The Monterey County Office of Emergency Services said young kids are at a higher risk of heat related illnesses. "They're playing, they're active, and they're not necessarily aware of the warning signs within themselves. What we want to avoid is that. That's a dangerous health condition," said Palmer.

To be safe, students were kept indoors for recess, Friday. Between classes, teachers were encouraged to take breaks for water, reminds kids to remove thicker jackets, and keep heavy exercise to a minimum during Physical Education. 

In case of an emergency, the nurse's office was stocked and ready. "In the case of an emergency, we walk them in and ask that the student be checked by the attendance clerk to take vitals. We inform the parents as well," said principal, Clara Fernandez.

Fernandez said parents educating their students about proper hydrating could make a big difference on a hot day. "It's important for them to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, so that they feel comfortable at school," said Fernandez.

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