CSUMB receives grant to fund fog research technology

SEASIDE, Calif. - CSU Monterey Bay's College of Science has received a grant from the Department of Defense that will help fund technology used for fog collection research.

The university said the research that will benefit from the grant is a study in water collection through fog capture. Professor Dan Fernandez with CSUMB said the fog collection could produce usable water for drinking or irrigation, and that could be helpful for military personnel and others in areas without access to water.

Fernandez said it will also help researchers know more about how fog is generated and dissipated. That information would benefit airports and other areas where fog density can affect transportation or other activities. It may also give insight into the development and dissipation of clouds.

"The presence of fog affects visibility and can impact Army operations," said Julia Barzyk,  the program manager for Earth Materials and Processes at the Army Research Office. "We are excited that this award will enable the science needed to mitigate those effects as well as provide opportunities to develop the next generation of scientists."

The grant amounts to $266,589 and was generated through the DoD's Research and Education Program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the Minority Serving Institutions Equipment/Instrumentation grant. It will help the school buy several instruments, including two FM-120 fog droplet measurement devices. There are only 106 worldwide.

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