Farmers talk crops as rainy weather shows up in forecast

Farmers talk crops as rainy weather shows up in forecast

CASTROVILLE, Calif. - As rain is set to take over the forecast once again farmers are hoping for more "moderate" rainfall as they say they've seen so far.

A number of crops are already in production, including brussel sprouts and artichokes, meaning all the work of having a proper foundation for crop growth will be put to the test with this new batch of rainfall set to hit the Central Coast.

"We want to get a nice height for our beds here so if there's rain there's potential to drain the water off through the furrows we have," says Chris Drew with Ocean Mist Farms.

The spring time harvest is getting closer and closer for farmers and as the weather ramps up, so does the work.

Right now farmers are double-checking the beds in which the crops will be planted to ensure they aren't flooding over and are draining properly.

The rain has helped as it has come in moderation as well.

"We'd rather take the rain than not have it at all," says Drew. "Really the drought is more of a challenge than dealing with a rainy winter. The rain has been welcomed in the form it has come."

Artichokes are produced year round although most of the heavy production at this time is done in the Cochella area with harvest to take place beginning in mid-march.

Until that time, there's always one eye keeping watch on the weather and the other kept on the crops.

"We're in close proximity to the ocean here," says Drew. "Our summer times are pretty moderate, daytime temps range from 65 to 70 here in proximity to the Monterey Bay."

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