First 4th of July firework show in Seaside

First Fourth of July firework show in Seaside

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - The City of Seaside is preparing for its first ever 4th of July firework show... with hopes to eliminate the use of illegal fireworks at home.

Jazmine Quintero has been in charge of planning for the City of Seaside’s first 4th of July celebration.
Along with a big firework show that is choreographed with music… she says this event will have something for everyone. “Activities for the kids, game booths, bounce houses, food vendors, craft vendors, info tables… and everything is free!”

And while the event is free, you could end up spending a lot of money if caught with illegal fireworks... 2,500 dollars to be exact. The Seaside Police Dept. is cracking down this year. Commander Borges says, “We are going to have drone teams out. So drones are going to be flying out in the sky, in different areas of the city throughout the entire evening. And they are going to help identify residents that are shooting off fireworks.”

But it’s not just those who break the law who will end up with a citation.

Commander Borges also says, “And we really caution to property owners. For property owners even not here, don't even live in the area, if you have someone renting from you, someone living in your home, we are going to cite property owners as well.”

And while some fireworks are illegal… others are not.

Captian Chris Schnute with the Seaside Fire Dept. says, “What we recommend for the local residents is go out and buy the “safe and sane.” Uhm, they are still a lot of fun, it helps support local charities in 
the area that are doing these for the youth groups and thing of that nature.”

The City of Seaside’s event will be held on the 4th of July, starting at 4:30pm

Location: Bayonet Black Horse golf course.

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