Hollister officers attacked while responding to car crash

Three arrested

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Hollister police officers responded to a car accident and were attacked by family members of those involved in the crash. 

The incident occurred on Nash Road near Prune Street around 9:30 p.m. on August 26. 

A wrecked white Acura was in the middle of the road and an officer with HPD stopped to investigate. 

During the investigation several uninvolved drunk people walked aggressively toward the officer, said Sgt. Don Pershall.

According to the Hollister Police Department, the group were family members of the driver of the white Acura and had been attending a near-by party on Knight Lane. 

"Two additional Officers responded to the scene to assist Officer Umstead.  The three Officers were greatly outnumbered by the crowd. Two men, later identified as being Ernesto Alvarez Jr. and Gilbert Arturo Lozoya-Sanchez continued to argue with and approach officers despite being told several times they were obstructing an investigation and would be arrested should they continue," said Sgt. Pershall.

Alvarez allegedly resisted arrest and fought officers before being placed into custody. HPD said Jacqueline Valdez reportedly struck an officer in the back of the head to prevent the arrest of Alvarez. 

"A second struggle began when Gilbert also resisted arrest.  Several uncooperative family members obstructed officers by pulling and tugging on their uniforms," said Pershall. 

Eventually Alvarez, Lozoya-Sanchez, and Valdez were arrested and booked into the San Benito County Jail. 

HPD said one officer was injured during the struggle but should make a full recovery and return to work soon. 

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