Local Carmel market closing if buyer isn't found by Wednesday

Local Carmel market closing if buyer isnt found by Wednesday

CARMEL, Calif. - A local favorite in Carmel might be shutting its doors soon if a buyer isn't found in a short time.  So why could this business that's been around for nearly 40 years be left in the dark?

It's a story in the making that could end on a sad note for the Carmel Community, or it could end with a new hero and owner of an established business.

Cornucopia Community Market in the Carmel Rancho Shopping Center has been told by their owner that they must sell their business by Wednesday or close up shop for good.  The store, which has been in operation for nearly 40 years selling organic and other health-related products, was told the news by the Neutraceutical Corporation which owns Cornucopia and several other brick and mortar stores in the country.  Cornucopia's general manager says Neutraceutical wants to get away from the physical stores in order to do their business online.

"What's missing is the factor that we are a small town. The Monterey Peninsula is very fortunate to have people that understand the importance of organics, and they come here not only to eat and chat, but also, it's an experience," said Cornucopia General Manager, Carol Litz.

Now here's the potential good news for the right person or group looking to make an investment. The corporation is selling the store, all products that are currently in the building, and their ten-thousand dollar liquor license all for 150-thousand dollars.  Cornucopia and it's five employees are hoping the business will be bought by someone local to make sure it stays a health-food staple of Carmel for decades longer.

But despite the seemingly low price for the market and all it comes with, it would need to be bought by the end of this Wednesday. If not, the store will be gutted, and the community market that thrived for nearly four decades will be gone forever.

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