Missing Oregon woman used radiator water to survive after crash

Angela Hernandez swerved and went over cliff side

Angela Hernandez found alive in Monterey County taken to hospital

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - Update 7/14/2018 10:50 a.m.

Since missing Oregon woman Angela Hernandez was found alive Friday night, CHP has been working to find out what caused her accident and how she survived.

CHP is reporting that Hernandez swerved to avoid an animal in the road. Her car was found over the side of a cliff.

She had a concussion as a result of the accident and survived by drinking water from her car's radiator.

Hernandez was found by two hikers with injuries to her face and signs of exposure to the elements.

She is currently being treated at a hospital in Templeton, south of Paso Robles.

10:30 p.m.

A sigh of relief Friday for search and rescue crews and family after a week-long hunt for a missing Oregon woman.

She was found alive along Highway One, miles from where the search first began in the Bay Area last Friday.

Angela Hernandez was found with her white Jeep Friday along Highway One at Nacimento-Fergusson road.

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office says she was found about 200 feet down a cliff. Her vehicle was partially in the water.

Two people found her walking in the area and called 911. Her sister, Isabel Hernandez, who spoke with KION earlier Friday posted a video to Facebook after learning that Angela was found:

"We just found word that my sister was found and that she was found over a cliff. She was found by some people walking by the beach or something from our knowledge. We don't know we're not there, we're going to go to the emergency to go meet her. I just want to thank everybody, everybody[...]everybody that helped. It's day seven and you guys all helped us do the whole thing and Angela would not be ok. I'm so happy, I'm so happy. Just thank you to everybody thank you to Monterey County, you guys did everything."

Hernandez went missing last week as she was traveling south.

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office continued searching early Friday covering a 40-mile area between Hurricane Point and Big Sur.

Surveillance video of Hernandez's car in Carmel Highlands and a ping on her cell phone is what led investigators to Monterey County in the first place.

The CHP said on its website Hernandez was walking and talking but was being taken to Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton, south of Paso Robles.


8:15pm: Missing woman found alive in Monterey County. According to law enforcement she's being taken to the hospital. She and her car were found on Highway 1 at Nacimiento-Fergusson rd.

PREVIOUS STORY (07/13/18): The Monterey County Sheriff's Office spent Friday searching for Angela Hernandez, the missing Oregon woman who they suspect might have passed through the Carmel Highlands on Highway 1.

They were trying to cover a 40-mile area between Hurricane Point and Big Sur.

One tourist told KION a helicopter got really close to the cliff side scanning the rocks for any unusual signs.  

Hernandez, who went missing last week as she was traveling to Davenport, is suspected to have traveled through Monterey County along Highway 1. The Monterey County Sheriff's Office is basing this off surveillance footage that shows a vehicle similar to the one Hernandez is driving as well as a ping from Hernandez's cell phone from a nearby state beach.

"We're so grateful for them, they've helped us indefinitely with just so much information, they're keeping us in the loop," said Isabel Hernandez, the older sister of the missing woman. "They're giving us hope that my sister is out there and that they'll do everything they can to protect her."

Search teams also went through winding roads along the hillsides searching for any clues to where Hernandez might be.

"There are no words to explain how I feel for everybody that cares for my sister and all the love that they're giving her, in helping find her and bring awareness to her coming home to be with her family," said Isabel Hernandez.

Isabel said her sister is a good person who loves to do volunteer work in her free time. She knows she is strong enough to stay safe.

"That's the kind of sister that I have that she gives her all for everybody and I see that everybody is giving their all for her," said Isabel. "I'm just so eternally grateful and I have faith that they'll find her and will be able to bring her home."


The search for a missing Oregon woman, Angela Hernandez has made its way to Monterey County.

San Mateo County officials said through their in-depth investigation, detectives discovered Hernandez traveled south on Hwy 1 into Monterey County on Friday around 9:30 a.m.

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office told KION they are now assisting in the investigation.

This was confirmed by nearby business video footage that appeared to show the Jeep Patriot in the Carmel Highlands area.

Wednesday Monterey County officials were searching using multiple units, including drones. The fog did not allow a plane to go up, but officials say they are going to try again today.

Hernandez has not been heard from since July 5th.

If you know anything about Hernadez's whereabouts, you are asked to contact authorities immediately.




7/10/18: Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office is helping in the search for an Oregon woman who disappeared traveling to Lancaster. Angela Hernandez vanished without a trace somewhere along Highway 1 just North of Santa Cruz earlier this week.

On Thursday, July 5, Hernandez texted her sister saying that she was going to sleep in her car in a parking lot in Half Moon Bay.

The next morning she sent another text. That was the last time her sister heard from her.

“Just a simple text, ‘I’m about to start driving’ with a couple hearts she sent me,” said Angela's sister Isabel to our sister station in San Francisco (KPIX) “And then I replied ‘OK’ with a heart back to her and that was the last that I had any contact with my sister.”

Isabel called police when Angela failed to make it to Lancaster by early evening.

“Right now we have Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office assisting with a search of her last known whereabouts,” said Detective Rosemerry Blankswade, with the San mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

“They were able to ping her last location was Davenport, California which is fifty five miles about south of Half Moon Bay, which means she took Highway 1,” says Isabel.

Investigators only have a few clues including the last picture she sent her sister and the description of her car that’s also missing.

Angela’s Jeep Patriot is white with the license plate number 436 KSQ,

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