Monterey County CHP looking to fill dispatch positions

CHP recruiting emergency dispatchers to join team

SALINAS, Calif. - The Monterey County California Highway Patrol is holding an informational meeting on Thursday for anyone interested in becoming a dispatcher.

CHP Monterey has several dispatch positions opening up. Officer Jessica Madueño says dispatchers are have a direct impact on the community, “they give the guidance, if they’ve never done CPR they’re the ones that tell you how to do it. If they need detail on what someone is doing or what someone is wearing the little details that you might not say over the phone, they are there to guide you and get the information that they need.”

There is a process to get hired, Madueño says the positions can be hard to find candidates for, "“it’s very hard to find  qualified dispatchers, that’s why the testing process takes so long sometime, they do go through a background check, not anyone is allowed to have access to all this information.”

Any applicants have to be at least 21 years old and have a High School diploma or equivalent, but it is helpful to have a higher education.

Pay can start anywhere from 4,200 to 5,600, but Officer Madueño says that can go up, "the longer you’re on the more step increases you’ll get. And the education that you have is also gonna play a big role and also if you’re bilingual that’s also going to play a roll and give you pay incentives."

While it can be an extensive process to get hired, Madueño says it's all about saving lives. Some of the main qualities CHP says helps, "we’re looking for someone who can multitask and can take direction, good judgment, someone with integrity and can do the right thing and someone who can be as much of a listener but to be in control to provide the best help.”

Anyone interested must first fill out an application by May 31st, then a test will be held July 9th.

The meeting on Thursday starts at 6 p.m at CHP headquarters in Salinas.


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